Winter Is Lit Sampler *Pre-Order*

Winter Is Lit Sampler *Pre-Order*

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The sampler will include the following 6 blends, in 2 oz scent shot cups, with approximately 1.8 oz of wax each. Pricing INCLUDES shipping.
Shipping will be between Dec 15-17th, and samplers are limited. 


2020's been a rough one, and we can all use a nice drink....or 6. 
The Winter Is Lit sampler combines some notes from some favorites drinks with seasonal and popular notes of the year. With a great mix of  blends, from bubbly champagne to wintery egg nog, this sampler will take you from the holidays straight into the New Year - with no hangovers. 

The New Black Swan
black cherry merlot + palo santo +  pomegranate noir (type)

2)Mrs. Claus' Martini -
marshmallow vodka + irish liquor + frosted graham crackers + gingerbread cookies

3) The Tipsy Pixie -
bubbly champagne + sugarplums + touch of snow fairy (type)

4)Pinkies Up -
sparkling ginger + sweet on paris (type)

The Cure for What Ales Ya -
dark bourbon barrel beer  (Dragon's Milk Beer) + pipe tobacco + butterscotch + marshmallow

6) Wake Me When It's Over -
spiced coquito (creamy rum, coconut milk, nutmeg, cinnamon) + eggnog + warm vanilla sugar + rum