The Temp Agency

The Temp Agency

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Temp agency items are just here for a good time, not a long time...

The Temp Agency contains blends in differing shapes, or test blends that haven't quite made it to the permanent collection yet. 

Beach Towels: salty sea air + coral reef (yuzu, water lily, bamboo & sea water notes) + fluffy towels

Black Mask:
black currant + oakmoss + leather + cuban cigar (part of the Birds of Prey sampler)

...Can Ya Introduce Me As Joker?:
green apple + gummy bears + buttered popcorn

Cassandra Cain:
raspberry sorbet + vanilla cream + sugared cronut (part of the Birds of Prey sampler)

Cheap Thrills:
mac apple + salt water taffy + pop rocks candy

Cotton Club Chorus Girls:
chardonnay + bergamot, pink peppercorn, sandalwood, patchouli (part of the Roarin' Twenties sampler)

Garden Ho:
magnolia blossoms + peonies + garden mint + clean green

Gotham Streets:
blackberries + black cherry + Dr. Pepper (dupe) + cream soda

Harley Quinn:
blue raspberry jolly rancher + candied apple + bubblegum + pina colada (part of the Birds of Prey sampler)

I Eat My Feelings:
bear claw + french vanilla latte + blueberry cheesecake

Into The Wild:
oud wood + winter linen

It’s Gonna Be May:
earl grey tea + blue hydrangea + spearmint

love spell + white musk, fruity citrus, bergamot + jasmine

Neutral Ground:
white clouds + rainwater + earl grey tea + peach magnolia (note this is a lighter scent and lighter throw) (part of the Mardi Gras Memories sampler)

Pitter Patter:
vanilla bacon milkshake + pie crust

Plant Mom:
cactus flower & jade + sweet grass + dandelion

Purple Rain Haze:
flowering cannabis + lavender + rainwater

Sugarplum Fairy:
sugar plum + marshmallows + vanilla bean noel

Than-Oh Snap:
lemon lavender + vanilla bean noel + gingerbread

The Capone Suite:
coriander & tonka, egyptian cotton sheets (house blend), leather & whiskey (part of the Roarin' Twenties sampler)

Virtual Vacay:
black sea + ocean mist + bathos (type)

Wake and Bake'n:
coffee + blueberry pancakes + maple bacon

You Got Me:
blue sugar + cotton candy + flannel sheets

Zulu Big Shot:
black coconut + coco butter cashmere + touch of coconut lime verbena (part of the Mardi Gras Memories sampler)