Roarin' Twenties Pre-Order (January)

Roarin' Twenties Pre-Order (January)

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This current pre-order is closed. Overstock of certain blends may be available in The Temp Agency. Blends are also available for custom order in larger quantities. 

This sampler is a Pre-order. Any items ordered with this pre-order will be held until this is ready to ship. 
Pre-order will begin shipping January 21st. 

The sampler will include the following 7 blends, in 2 oz scent shot cups, with approximately 1.8 oz of wax each. 

Pricing INCLUDES shipping. Any other items purchased will begin shipping charges - shipping refunds will be given. 

Danse Sauvage - Inspired by Josephine Baker and her infamous banana dance. This blend combines the tropic notes of banana palm leaf, with a perfume dupe of Flowerbomb (jasmine, rose, freesia, red poppy, nude musk), and sparkling ginger ale to add to the occasion. 

Boardwalk Empire - Ever seen the opening of the show, with the bottles and bottles of liquors crashing through the sea onto the beach? This is exactly what I imagine that to smell like, with the mix of salty sea air, sea mist, and kentucky bourbon. Sweet lavender is a background note, reminescent of more innocent days. 

Cotton Club Chorus Girls - Never to be forgotten, the chorus girl lines started back during the 20's, and the Cotton Club was THE place to be. This combines chardonnay with a darkly feminine blend of bergamot, lemon, pink peppercorn, french lavender, sandalwood, vetiver & patchouli. 

The Capone Suite - We couldn't talk about the 20's without mentioning the literal OG, Al Capone. This blend is inspired by the suite at the Biltmore, which Capone rented out often, and where they say he conducted most of his business. Coriander and tonka are combined with a house blend of Egyptian cotton sheets (lush linen and black linen and amber), along with freshly shined leather shoes, and a small note of whiskey

All That Jazz - This blend combines Havana, an Archipelago dupe that has notes of grapefruit, sweet tobacco and dark musk, with bay rum, tonka and oud, and a house blend of blackberry sage amber. 

The Bee's Knees - This is a lovely combination of honey, champagne, and the warm feminine notes of cashmere cedar. It really is the bee's knees.

Bootleg Sidecar - In the 20's they couldn't always make the exact cocktail you ordered at a speakeasy, so they improvised - and to our luck, because this bootleg version combines fresh squeezed orange juice, with the zest of lemon curd, and bubbly champagne.