Laundry Elf | Winter linen, icy peppermint, flannel

Laundry Elf | Winter linen, icy peppermint, flannel

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Ohh laundry elves...One can dream right? As I was testing this blend, it just reminded me of elves who had snuck in my house and were folding fresh out of the dryer clothes. This is a good laundry blend for those that don't like laundry blends. The icy peppermint still dominate over the linen and flannel notes on cold, but when melted, those laundry notes come out - especially a light musk, cashmere, and bergamot. 

Each scent shot is a total net weight of approximately 1.8 oz. 
Each clamshell includes six blocks approximately 1" by 1", with a total net weight of  approximately 3 oz. 

Listed items are RTS and ship within 3-5 business days. For larger amounts in bakery bags and/or loaves, please visit the custom order page. 

Because all wax melts are handpoured in small batches, color, design, and weight may differ slightly.