How do I use wax melts? 

What type of wax is used for your melts ?
Our melts are created with a soy wax blend, that combines natural soy and paraffin wax.

What type of wax warmer should I use?

Any time of warmer created for melting scented wax can be used, including Scentsy brand warmers. hot plates, and tealight warmers. Our wax tends to perform best on hot plate warmers, such as Glade warmers. 

What does it mean to cure wax? How do I do it? 

Curing wax allows the fragrance oils to bind with wax, so you get a stronger, and more long lasting scent throw, and can pick up all notes in the fragrance. Curing simply means allowing the wax to sit & settle - think of it like wine. All items will have a pour date listed on them. 

It is recommended that you allow two weeks from the pour date to melt, however some people like to cure for a month or more. To do this, simply avoid putting your wax melt in the warmer, and store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Make sure to store wax melts in the original packaging, or polypropylene (PP) bags. Ziploc baggies are NOT polypropylene. 

A good test to see if a wax melt is ready for melting is seeing how strong the cold throw is (how it smells right in the packaging). If you are getting a good, strong scent from that, you should be good to go. 

 How long is shipping/TAT?

Little Llama Wax Co is a one-woman show at the moment, so current turn-around time (from the time you place your order until it ships) is typically 5 business days.  You can always email (hello@littlellamawax.com) or send a message to check on your order status, and should you need your order as a rush, please note in the comments section.