Our Story & Mission

Hey llamitas! It's Cam here! I wanted to answer a few questions about Little Llama for all those inquiring minds out there

Why the name Little Llama?

First of all, why not? But really, my dog's nickname is Little Llama...because he sorta looks like one. Also, I really really REALLY want a pet llama. Unfortunately, they don't do so well living in a big city apartment, so I figured this was the second best thing. 

Mission: Possible....?

Little Llama has big dreams: to be more than just a wax fragrance company, but a whole vibe that screams normal is boring! 

As a special education teacher, I have way too many stories of heartbroken students & parents who just wanted things to be "normal". Why do we as a society put so much value on this word, normal? What is normal anyway??? 

I'm passionate about spreading messages of self-love, self-acceptance, mental health advocacy, and disability awareness (and I hope you are too!) and each month 3% of profits goes to support a non-profit organization doing the same. 

Follow Little Llama on Facebook or Instagram to get weekly messages, and check out or blog to see which non-profit we're supporting! If you'd like to nominate a group doing good in your area, or would like to collaborate for a fundraiser or other event, send a raven, message in a bottle, or an email at hello@littlellamawax.com.